THE COPENHAGEN POST : Closing the Gaps, A Qur’anic Way of Civilizing Man

4 04 2009

Islam produced one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever known. Islam produced advances in sciences, mathematics, literature, medicine, architecture, religion as well as many other fields of discipline. Islamic cities such as Baghdad were the premier centers of learning and folks flocked there from all over the world to study. When Europeans first saw Granada and other Moslem cities, they were stunned by the sophistication and beauty. It was Islam’s preservation of the great Greco/Roman texts of antiquity, as well as their own advances that allowed Europe to crawl out from the depression it was in. The West owes much to the great civilization of Islam. There is no exaggeration and there is no doubt about this fact; people of knowledge and justice from the Western world do recognize this and more.

Read more about this article here: Copenhagen Post artikel 47





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